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New Korean Classes in August
Name : klks Date : 2011-08-13 AM 12:38:06, Read : 2112

안녕하세요 ^^
We hope you are all enjoying the summer, We are KLKS, Korean Hagwon and we wanted to take the chance to inform you that we will be commencing brand new Beginner, Higher Beginner and Intermediate Korean classes at the end of August.

There are lots of openings in our morning and evening classes with differing time schedules available too.

If you are interested in joining one of our classes, please reply to this email at and don’t forget to answer the questions below, giving as much detail as possible to help us find the best possible class for you ^^

How is your Korean level at the moment?
How long have you been in Korea?
Have you any previous experience learning Korean?
Can you read Korean?
What are your current working hours/days?
Do you prefer morning or evening classes?
KLKS Information:

Our Schedule:
The study time for our classes is 3 x 2hr sessions per week. -
Each class runs for 2 hours totaling 6 hours per week. Each session is 4 weeks long totaling 24 hours and is priced at 300,000 won.
When you compare this to other hagwons in Ilsan, the rate is a lot more competitively priced at just over 10,000 won an hour, and our location is very central and accessible too.
Our location :
We are situated in La Festa in Ilsan, just behind Lotte Cinema. Do you know the sculpture of 2 swans in LA Festa? If so, when you reach it turn left or right and walk straight towards Lake Park. You will see the Samsung Marchen House at the end of the Lotte Cinema Parking.There is also a map available for download on our website, as well as contact phone numbers also.
When you arrive at KLKS Samsung Marchen House (KLKS 삼성메르헨하우스) you need to press the buzzer at the entrance to unit 220)

One More thing...
When you sign up to your first 4 week program you will also receive your KLKS Text book (한국어 1 or 2) and also your SNU text book (서울대학교 한국어 level 1 or 2, 문진미디어 Seoul National University Korean Moonjin Media) absolutely FREE.
Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you soon ^^
Kind regards,
Ho Sul-Mi  

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