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[Re]: Overnight on MUD FESTIVAL trip?
Name : adventurekorea Date : 2004-07-07 PM 10:08:34, Read : 1208

Thank you for inquiring about our trip.

The Saturday and Sunday trips to the Mud Festival are separate trips. You can go on either Saturday or Sunday. The problem is, the bus may be full. I can guarantee you a seat on the bus (round trip) for the day you want to go there. However, if the Sunday trip is sold out, the Sunday bus coming back will be packed full. The bus is limited to 45 seats, as is the trip.

Also, about the accomodation...The Mud Festival is one of the biggest and most popular summer events in Korea. As you may already know, special events in Korea are attended by so many and they sell out very quickly. Most people book well in advance (1 month or more). I can not guarantee you accomodations. It is very likely to be crowded and already booked by now, let alone on the day of the festival.

Here is a possible solution that I hope you will find satisfactory and fair...

On the day of the festival, if you go on Saturday, we can try to find accomodations together. If we succeed, you can stay and come back with us on Sunday. By then, we will know if there will be space on the bus for you. If we fail to find accomodations, you can simply return with us on Saturday evening.

I hope this helps you. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone.

| ----- Original Message -----
| Okay, so if I got this right there is a daily trip up and back on both Saturday an Sunday.
| Well, would it be possible to go up Saturday morning and come back Sunday evening? Would "Adventure Korea" be able to arange a cheap but decent accomodation for the night or would we have to do it?
| I am guessing on the spot wouldn't be wise cause rooms may all be taken already. Any advice if I am supposed to manage it myself?
| Thanks,
| Amber
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