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For reliable company's to post job vacancies or for other people who need temporary relief for their job's i.e. vacation or sick leave
PR Agent 4 Expat&Foreigner Who''s seeking 4 2nd JOB
Name : yesok Date : 2009-05-19 PM 4:57:41, Read : 2384
PR Agent 4 Expat&Foreigner Who''s seeking 4 2nd JOB

Do you want to PR to Korean, wnat to have korean customers?

If you have any skill or service, then you can develop that your own business and that will be offered to korean people.

We are developing your new second job and assisting its PR.

Also we help and care for you''ll run your individual business in korea.

It''s very easy, simple and cheap.

Your own skill and service will be good product in korea.

If you are interested in this, please mail me at the below

Thank you.

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