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Silmido island adventure-Sun, 3rd August
Name : seokjin Date : 2003-07-25 PM 4:43:06, Read : 2136
Silmido island adventure
Mui,Silmido island on the West sea
Departure Point
Adventure Korea Club(see web site
Transportation, ferry ticket, entrance fees
What to bring

On Sunday 3rd August, we will be taking a trip
to Silmido Island on the West Sea nr
Incheon. It’s ideal for those who don’t
like long journeys as it is only 1 hour away by
bus. It promises to be a fun and activity
packed day, as the location is unique in
the various activities it has to offer. On
arrival at the coast, we will take a short 10
minute ferry ride to Muido island. Here we
will hike for 1.5 hours up a small mountain.
It is an easy trek, so you don’t have to worry
about it being hard work. From the top
we can see some beautiful scenery as
there are various different islands and
beautiful landscape in the vicinity.
After the hike, we will take a walk known as
“Moses’ miracle” as the sea will part and
clear a pathway across Silmido island as the
tide goes out. As this area is covered in water
for most of the time, the walkway and
surrounding waters are abundant with various different sea creatures including
crabs, shellfish and octopus. To make the time
a little more competitive and interesting,
we will divide up into teams and have a competition
to find the most sea creatures. The team that comes last may even need to
perform a forfeit task. Afterwards we can
barbecue some of the food we have collected,
and sample the taste.

After this we will have a chance to go swimming
in the sea. Aswell as this there are
various other activities available in this
area. There is an outdoor swimming pool, for
those who would rather swim here than in the
sea. You can also at an extra cost hire
quad bikes on the beach. There are also
banana boat rides available which will be a
lot of fun.


8:30am: Meet at Adventure Club in Hwajeong for
prompt departure. This time we will not be making
a stop at Gangnam Bus Terminal because of
the location of our destination.

9:30am: Get on the ferry to Muido Island

9:45am Start to hike up the small mountain

11:00am: Arrive at Silmido resort, and proceed
with the various activities mentioned above.

5:00pm: Get back on the ferry to the mainland

7:00pm: Arrive back at Adventure Club to grab a
few beers!!

There are two ways to pay:
At the Adventure Pub (see Map on web site for
Or in the Adventure Korea Bank Account
Woori Bank; Number 668-065778-02-101; and
the bank account name is under Park Seokjin

After wire the money please let us know
email,phone no,name.

Send an email

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