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[Re]: language exchange in Gangnam
Name : dane Date : 2006-04-24 PM 2:06:16, Read : 1116
Hi Sarah,

Since we first chatted on email I have not been able to reply about a meeting place and time. I can't get a message through to your email. Please email me a cellphone number so I can text you, or another email address,as sunblue does not seem to work.

----- Original Message ----- |

I was looking around this site to find some trip in March to get away from Seoul for some hours at least. Looks like it has quite nice itinery but my schedule dosen't match with all March trip. Maybe I should try next time.

However, I wanted to do language exchange with around my age group hopefully. With that way maybe ,more common interest to discuss. I'm a female ,in late 20's working and staying Gangnam area, doing marketing for work. Gender won't be a big matter if you are sincere person.  I love movies,musics, travels ,creating something like cooking or doing interiors and open-minded people. If you think you want to make a new friend.. .Conatct me A

And I'm Korean as you may know, some college student emailed me..who's also Korean.


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