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MEG''s Second Expedition to Youngpyungsa
Name : jigwang Date : 2010-08-01 PM 5:10:33, Read : 3244

The MEGs Second Expedition to Youngpyungsa


MEDITATION AND EXPERIENCE GROUP(MEG) organized the second expedition to the depth of Korean temple culture. This time our destination is Youngpyungsa(Youngpyung Temple) on Mt. Janggun(general) located in Gongju City, South Chungcheong Province. Youngpyungsa is a tranquil, cozy practice temple where fireflies glow in the night, and crayfish and marsh snails live in the stream of clean air and water. The temple is also famous for lotus blossom in summer and herbal plant, Syberian chrysanthemum in autumn. Besides, it is the place which produces traditional foodstuffs like gochujang(red pepper paste), doenjang(fermented soybean paste), soy sauce, etc.


Our second expedition is going to offer you a choice program specially arranged by our organization and the temple, which is quite different from a mere look-around. To examine the program briefly, they are as follows. First, participants learn the basic temple manners, which is a good opportunity to access to the Buddhist spiritual world. Then they are engage in a Buddhist practice, i.e. making the 108 prayer beads, during which they can experience with their whole body and mind the utmost religious belief of the faithful. Next, participants can make their body and mind pure while having lunch with the side dishes of doenjang jjigae(bean paste stew) and various foodstuffs of the temple making. Before having meal, participants will recite a pre-meal verse to remind themselves about what a meal means in Buddhism. There is also a Youngpyungsas unique program. It is the experience of making natural soap using the powder of Siberian chrysanthemum and bamboo salt. And tea time with the abbot is prepared. Over cups of lotus tea, participants can be lost in the fragrance of Buddhism while enjoying dialogue with the Buddhist priest.


It may be that the important thing is not just the experience itself but the spiritual enlightenment from the experience. After all, Buddhism is said to be a religion of mind. All the programs will be run using both the Korean and English language.



1. Title: The MEGs Second Expedition to Youngpyungsa

2. Date & Time: Saturday, 21th Aug. From 8am to 7:30pm

3. Departure Place and Time: Exit no.14, Gyodae(Seoul National Univ. of Education) subway station at 8am

4. Destination: Youngpyungsa in Gongju City, South Chungcheong Province.

5. Participation Fee: \50,000

6. How to pay the fee: Wire the amount to NH bank 302-0250-2867-81 Jang Eunhwa, and then send us your phone number and email.

7. Contact: Cell phone 010-3688-5975 or email address

The above time schedule is subject to change. Other program may be added. If you have any question about the expedition, please call or e-mail us anytime.


What is Meditation and Experience Group?

Meditation & Experience Group(MEG) is an organization in pursuit of direct experience in the hidden treasure of Korean culture and Buddhism on the very spot. We endeavor to supply the participants with the best opportunities directly to experience Korean Buddhist spiritual practice including its quite secluded culture and with precious, rare experiences in Korean traditional culture. Participants are expected to enter into the most secret world of Korean Buddhism including its custom.


About the organizer, Jigwang Jang Eunhwa:

Jang Eunhwa completed his B.A. and M.A. in English at Kyunghee University, Seoul. He has led the way in translating English into Korean and teaching English for about twenty years. Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate in Seon Buddhist studies at Dongguk University, Seoul. Working as a translator of Korean Buddhist literature into English, he is interested in Korean Seon Buddhist practice. He is a member of the International Dharma Instructors Association(IDIA), a branch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. He wrote a book, Journey to Korean Temples and Templestay in 2009.


u  Pictures of the first expedition to Botapsa

You can view even more pictures of the first expedition at

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