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Here is where we can exchange all kinds of advice and tips for travel both inside and outside of Korea.
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Together with Us to Kyunggi-do!!
Name : jcdavid44 Date : 2009-07-23 PM 9:24:20, Read : 4571

<The First Cultural Exploration with WooRiWA in 2009>


Wooriwa, the international exchange forum of Korean university students, is holding the first cultural exploration to Kyunggi province. The purpose of the event is to provide both domestic and international students in Korea with a chance to celebrate the culture of Kyunggi province and seek the ways to make it internationally renowned. The event is subjected to both Korean and international students currently residing in Korea.


Kyunggi province consists of 27 cities, bounded by the West Sea on the west, bordering on Hwanghye-do on the north, Kangwon-do on the east, Choongcheung Nam-do on the south. Two great cities, Seoul and Incheon, are located at its center, Therefore, due to its geopolitical location, Kyunggi-do has a wide variety of cultures, including marine investigation technology, well-preserved traditional arts, environmental-friendly reports, growing modern tourism industry as well as various festivals and museums.


The theme for the upcoming event is Kyunggi-do in the world, and the world in the Kyunggi-do.

The primary goal of the event is not only to enable Korean students to explore diverse and inspiring cultures of Kyunggi-do, but also to allow international students in Korea to experience Korean cultures emphasized in Kyunggi province with new perspectives.

One of the special features of the event is that there will be a tight budget assigned to each team for its journey, which is intended to encourage participants to enjoy spontaneity of their youth. All the participants will be required to turn in the reports on their exploration at the end of their journey, and the outstanding reports will be rewarded with the prize at the seminar on Aug.20.


<Application Procedures>

- Qualification for the applicants: Foreigners currently residing in Korea.

- Place: Kyunggi province

- Duration of the event: 2009. 8. 8.
8. 12.

- Participating Fee: 50,000 won (accommodation for the orientation, travel insurance,  
   minimum expenses for the trip included)

- Application deadline: 7. 29. 09

-  Application available on-line


-      Download the application form

-      send it to

l  for more information, please refer to the attached file

  l  If the number of applicants is over 80, participants will be selected on first-come-first-served basis.

  l  Detailed information regarding the payment and the first meeting will be noticed after the admission process is completed

  l  All the participants of the event MUST attend the orientation (8/4) and the seminar (8/20).


-      sponsored by Kyunggi Tourism Organization and Kyunggi-do.

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