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[Re]: Hallyeo Marine National Park
Name : Dustin Date : 2006-09-28 AM 1:53:59, Read : 4588
Hi there,

There are so many good places you should visit but i'd like to

recommend one place.

*Oedo Island
Oedo-Botania is a marine botanical garden located in Hallyeo Maritime National Park, which has a beautiful view of the crystal blue South Sea and surrounding landscape.  It is 4 kilometers away from Geojedo Island.  About 20 minutes by ship from Gujora Port, past Naedo Island lies the European-like Oedo Island.  In 1969, Lee Chang-ho first came to this island to escape from the wind and waves as he was fishing.  Him and his wife created this breathtaking landscape with all the care for 30 years.
In April, the island is covered with plethora of flowers. The Venus Garden displays twelve sculptures and a western-style garden.  At Paradise Lounge, one can enjoy the sunshine and the sea while drinking beverages.  Camellias and various kinds of rare flowers from all over the world can be found in Oedo.  When coming down the 'Stairway to Heaven,' visitors canv view the beautiful garden and the ocean in the background.  Magnificent terrace landscaping line both sides of the stairway.  Oedo Paradise Island is without a doubt, a true paradise.  

*Way to get there.
Busan Station / Gimhae International Airport → Geojedo Island
- From Busan Station or Gimhae International Airport, go to Busan International Ferry Terminal and take Geoje / Jangseungpo bound ferry.
* bound for Jangseungpo / first ride 8:00 / last ride 17:30 / 1-2 hrs interval / 45 min ride
* bound for Gohyeon / first ride 8:30 / last ride 17:45 / 2hrs interval / 1 hour and 15 min ride
* bound for Okpo / first ride 7:00 / last ride 15:00 / 2 hrs interval / 45 min ride
- Get off at Jangseungpo and go 5 min by taxi toward the ferry cruise dock.

Busan Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal → Geojedo Island
- From Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal, take an Intercity Bus headed for Gohyeon / Jangseungpo (first bus 8:40 / last bus 18:50 / 1 hour and 20 min interval / 3 hrs ride).

Geojedo Island → Oedo Paradise Island
- Ferries pass through Jangseungpo, Gujora, Wahyeon, Haegeumgang River, Dojangpo, and Hakdong. It takes 2-4 hrs depending upon the route.
* Usually pass through only Haegeumgang River (35 min for one-way ride). Takes 10-15 min just from Oedo Paradise Island.
* Ferries wait about 2 hrs on the island and depart when visitors come back.
* No schedules during bad weather.

Have a good trip!

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