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Here is where we can exchange all kinds of advice and tips for travel both inside and outside of Korea.
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Sports Adventure in Mongolia-Accommodation
Name : adventure Date : 2012-06-13 PM 3:57:22, Read : 841


Since Ulaanbaatar is a tourist site, there are many types of accommodation.

There are lots of choices from hotels for national VIPs to backpackers looking for under $10 guest houses.

I recommend youd better get accommodation in downtown if you have information about accommodation in Ulaanbaatar. Id like to say its because of safety reason.

Actually there are a few dangerous places out of downtown.

The road condition is bad, there are no light poles on the road, and also there are many pickpockets on the street.

Therefore, if it is not a group travel, it is much convenient that you get accommodation in downtown and use close restaurants or other convenient facilities.

Guest house

Where we stayed for our first day was Korean Hut Guest house which Korean owner runs.

It is located at east of Ulaanbaatar and its facilities was way better than regular other guest houses.

The bathroom was good. But it had plumbing problems until the departure day.

( You know what I mean.. like toilet blocking, show booth blocking etc.)

Actually I didnt think it was bothering me that much because Im already used to that kind of situations since I had that experience when I went to China for backcountry powder ski adventure!!

I appreciated that I could enjoy shower in this outback area!!


Ger is a house of Mongolian nomads.

You can think it is a one type of tent for easy.

Ger is kind of prefabricated house because Mongolian nomads have to move as following their animals food.

During summer, they roll up the end of Ger so fresh air comes back and forth, and they use heater for winter.

Thermos for hot water is always ready in Ger and also various teas are ready in Ger.

Ger represents Mongolians spirits.

Chinggis Khan asked Kublai Khan who was his grandson not to forget the spirit of Ger when he took over the King.

However Kublai Khan left Ger and moved the capital to Beijing, then somehow Mongolia Empire went down.

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