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Sports Adventure in Mongolia- Mongolian People
Name : adventure Date : 2012-06-13 PM 4:03:41, Read : 2171

-Mongolian People

Mongolians, horse-back riders, and nomads..

Some Korean babies have dark spot on their butts when they are born.

We call it Mongolian Spot.

Mongolians and Koreans are very close race!

Normally people think Chinas Mongolia and Mongolia are same country, but thats wrong general knowledge like they also think those who live in China and speak Korean are Korean.

Mongolians appearance is more Korean alike.

Above of all, what I was impressed by was Mongolians big body.

They say;

Black people had six-pack on their stomachs when they are born.

I say;

Mongolians got bodies for wrestling when they are born.

Even an ordinary bus driver has big arms and leg like WWE wrestlers.

On the street you will see a lot of people who look like they are from Sports University for Judo or wrestling.

Even Mongolian women are tall compared to other Asian women.

Another uniqueness of Mongolian people is their wildness.

This wildness nature would be called very toughly adventurous in good way or

very savage in bad way.

I guess its because they still stay in wild nature most of time.

So sometimes I was surprised by their eagle eyed while I was walking on the street.

That feeling is like eagle eyed of bullies in Korean local market.

However even though I was surprised by them, I really wanted to have sparring with their wildness.

Another Mongolians character is their no time awareness.

Well it could be my own subjective opinion but also Korean travel agency people, Korean business men, and Korean immigrants told me same thing about their attitude for time.

Mongolians attitude about time appointment is really strange.

Ive never met Mongolian people on time.

If it was 10 Oclock appointment, they would show up at 11.

Normally when you call to check the location of Mongolian friends for appointment and if they say they almost are coming, then which means itll take another hour.

Even they are sorry for the late.

For real instance, volunteer people and I could finally meet the bus after far 4 pm but we were supposed to meet at 3 pm.. and the place where we were waiting for the bus was the middle of the dessert.

Much funnier thing was the answer from the bus driver

So whats the big deal??

The number one issue you need to think about is Mongolian peoples time attitude.

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