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Here is where we can exchange all kinds of advice and tips for travel both inside and outside of Korea.
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Sports Adventure in Mongolia-Nature
Name : adventure Date : 2012-06-13 PM 4:05:05, Read : 1108

Mongolia''s Nature

Actually, Mongolia''s dessert which is 14 times bigger than Korea Peninsula has nothing for sightseeing.

I don''t want to recommend Mongolia travel to you if you are into unique structures or heritages.

I just fell in love with the fact that there is nothing in Mongolia''s dessert.

It''s beautiful because there''s nothing.

It''s the feeling like the beauty of space in oriental ink painting.

When I saw vast but empty plain, I just wanted to run straight on bi-cycle or horse.

Before I came to Mongolia, I thought there would be the vast plain, but I was surprised by a gorgeous picture which includes awesome rock mountains, blue rivers and green tall trees there.

Also, tall and big rock mountains on vast plain make the best sceneries like they moved a small Alps to Mongolia.

From July to August is the best season for travels and from Oct to Apr is the coldest season that it drops up to -40 degree.

Thus I heard they use Russian thermometer not normal one!

During July and Aug, its only strong sun shiny but it feels like Koreas cool early fall weather but it seems very hot to Mongolian men so they walk around in topless.

Theres one episode.

When we asked for blankets and making fire in heat in Ger because it was so cold for us in Bayan Gobi Camp during the night, local Mongolians asked us back why we want blankets and heat because it
s so warm as staring at us in strange way like they couldnt understand.

What about it?

One beautiful Ger on gorgeous vast plain and there are horses running around that Ger and when you see a road which you have no idea about where it goes

What about it??

You dont want to run as fast as you can??

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