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Sports Adventure in Mongolia- MBC Team
Name : adventure Date : 2012-06-13 PM 4:06:55, Read : 1239

Race the world on two wheels (Meeting with MBC)

I watched Mongolia Bike Challenge movies while I was looking for sources for Mongolia.

I totally fell into that at one time.

People dreaming of these adventures..

I was not alone.

MBC(Mongolia Bike Challenge) I checked that a schedule for the 2nd edition of Mongolia Bike Challenge race was from 29th of July to 13th of Aug,

and that schedule was overlapped with my research adventure travel to Mongolia so I felt pleased and had no doubt that I could meet them.

However I called a main branch office in Italy but it was not available and also I sent emails but also there was no reply.

Moreover I was busy for preparing my adventure travel, so I believed that I could meet them anyway and I just got on a plane to Mongolia.

My idea at that time was that Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia would be small and it would be easy to find racers with blue eyes on the street after Mongolia Bike Challenge race, and it was right..

Accidently I ran into German racers at a local market and I got the information about where staff stayed, and also I accidently ran into Willy who is General Manager of Mongolia Bike Challenge race as entering the hotel.


In fact, I sent an email to Willy before I came to Mongolia which saying that;

My name is Max and Im a Korean. Im going to Mongolia to meet you guys

Willy remembered that email but he told me that he didnt think I would really come to Mongolia to meet them.

I, Will and other two managers made an appointment for dinner, and I told them I would want to be Korean official agent to promote MBC(Mongolia Bike Challenge) and I handed documents about Sinbad Adventure Co. in them.

Then they told me that they would like to check it and discuss it with other managers, and then they would tell me an answer next day.

I had hopeful and nervous day like that, and I went to Bayangol Hotel and sat on a chair in Casablanca bar to wait for them.

I closed my eyes and imagined..

What conditions do they offer?

Finally three managers came in.

The result was half of success.

Their first condition was that they asked me to join 2012 Mongolia Bike Challenge and get a good record.

And second condition was that they asked me to bring other Korean racers to prove Korean racers strength.

It was sad that they knew Japan, China and Taiwan but Korea.

So I had to explain about Koreas population, the number of bi-cycle riders, and Korean MTB brands etc.

But they changed their conditions. They still asked me to prove the potential Korea as a strong MTB country.

Well actually was that what I had really wanted?

Plus it would be a good chance to impress foreigners who dont know Korea.

Their last condition was that I would not be supposed to have any racers join the competition if I become the official agent.

I totally agree with that idea too.

Its dangerous and waste of time and money like ski beginners going for backcountry powder ski adventure travels.

They come Mongolia to join this race spending valuable time and lots of money, but because of his not prepared physical condition and racing skills, if they only stay in an ambulance during race, it would be really sorry for not only racers but also staff.

So the conclusion that they and I made was that we would have only certified Korean racers join MBC race through tests in Korea before MBC race.


Sinbad cant sleep because of thinking about competition we would have with strong racers from over the world.

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