Ferry Riding & Caving by Lucretia

The ferry ride was the best part of the trip for some people. It was very relaxing and the scenery was great. Although the sky was a little hazy and the water a little murky when we started out, both soon cleared up and became quite enjoyable. The air was fresh and crisp and the water was a dark blue. The ferry sped through the water at a brisk rate and even though it was a little chilly outside very few of us bothered to leave the sights and sounds of the early spring afternoon.
We stopped briefly at a point where we were able to see a temple or palace in the distance. We were not able to climb up to see the buildings but it was a neat view and would definitely be worth exploring at a later date. However, the stop allowed us to stretch our legs quickly and do a little shopping for snacks, souvenirs, or cigarettes.
We continued on to the final stopping place were we enjoyed the views before loading back onto the bus to continue on to Kosu Cave. The cave entrance was a very short walk up a hill. I have been to a few caves in my life but I am by no means an expert on them. However, I found the cave worth exploring. It was extremely well maintained with lights placed in the best possible locations to highlight the most interesting formations. It was rather narrow in some spots but never enough to be uncomfortable. There were even a few wishing wells to drop a coin in if you were interested in that. I admit I left behind a few. I figure it can’t possibly hurt and everyone can use a little luck.
We were able to do a little more shopping at the booths outside the caves. I purchased some pumpkin candy that taste a little bit like “bit-o-honey” if you’re familiar with that candy. I also got some native honey that was made by bees kept in hives on the property. I was not able to buy any cotton candy though which seems to be a consistent factor in my travel reports. I have not given up hope. I shall persevere.
After the cave, we made a surprise stop. It was at a turn in the lake. In the water, just at the bend, there was a large rock formation that jutted up. On this, there was perched a pagoda. We stopped here and walked up a steep set of stairs for about 300M to get a view of the lake at a place called Sokmum. I was told an English name for it but I can’t remember what it was. Maybe it was “hanging rock”? Anyway, it looked like the middle part of the ground had worn away and left a bridge-like structure made of rock. Through the hole, you could see the water down below. It was well worth the short hike.
We started our return to Seoul after this. I was a little disappointed when we made it without any mishaps. I rather enjoyed our unplanned dinner stop of the previous weekend. This trip didn’t have the surprises and excitement of the last one but it was a very nice relaxing day with good views and company.