Nude Forest& Aqua Festival 2015

Nude Forest& Aqua Festival 2015

Summer is here and many of you will have some time off from your hectic schedules. Why not let Adventure Korea take you Jangheung() in south Jella province. While in Jangheung we will visit the Vivi Ecotopia where we can walk around t..

Price38,000won [10 seats left]
Paragliding(Fly on your own!)-Saturday 22 August

Paragliding(Fly on your own!)-Saturday 22 August

Many people have asked for more adventure in Adventure Korea trips and paragliding has often been requested. However there is the issue of having to ride tandem because most people just dont have experience and the expense can be incredib..

Price98,000won [25 seats left]
White Water Rafting & Bungee Jumping(Sunday 23 August 2015)

White Water Rafting & Bungee Jumping(Sunday 23 August 2015)

Now that the Korean summer has truly begun, We have been talking about this trip for the past couple of months, but had to wait for some rain, so that the rivers would be high enough to maximize the enjoyment of this trip. For those of you wh..

Price51,000won [30 seats left]