Adventure Caving, Rafting,Flying& Country stay

Adventure Caving, Rafting,Flying& Country stay

Want a trip with so many great activities packed into just one weekend, you will find it hard to believe that it’s only a weekend. We’ve had comments before that our tours cover so many different activities it feels like we’ve been travel..

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Zip-lining,Clay  shooting&Ceramic Tea Bowl Fest

Zip-lining,Clay  shooting&Ceramic Tea Bowl Fest

Adventure Korea will be running a 1 day special trip to the Traditional Ceramic Bowl Festival. This festival they make all the traditional ceramic pottery here in Korea and you can participate in making your own ceramic bowl.There is also..

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Solo Paragliding(April 22 2017)

Solo Paragliding(April 22 2017)

Many people have asked for more adventure in Adventure Korea trips and paragliding has often been requested.However there is the issue of having to ride tandem because most people just don’t have experience and the expense can be incredib..

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