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Pohang Departure Ullengdo/Dok...
We make sure this is Pohang(near Daegu) departure trip, not the Se...
2014-09-06 ~ 2014-09-09
399,000won/389,000won [16 seats left]
Ullengdo/Dokdo Island(2014)
Our annual Chuseok trip to Ullengdo and Dokdo is fast approaching....
2014-09-05 ~ 2014-09-09
395,000won/409,000won [25 seats left]
Paragliding(Saturday 23 Augus...
Many people have asked for more adventure in Adventure Korea trips ...
98,000won [35 seats left]
Sea Kayaking,Deep Sea Fishin...
Korea’s National Liberation Day is offering us a nice long three ...
2014-08-14 ~ 2014-08-17
239,000/249,000won [19 seats left]
White Water Rafting & Bungee ...
Now that the Korean summer has truly begun, We have been talking ab...
51,000won [15 seats left]
Exciting Muuido Island Tour
Adventure Korea is planning an exciting day trip to Muuido Islan...
10,000won [35 seats left]
Relaxing Jeju Island& Aqua F...
Summer is here and many of you will have some time off from your hec...
2014-08-02 ~ 2014-08-06
369,000won/385,000won [6 seats left]
National Creative Boat Race C...
National Creative Boat Race Competition Adventure Korea will pa...
No seats left
Awesome Water Fun Summer Vaca...
Summer Vacation is fast approaching and getting out of Korea can be...
2014-08-01 ~ 2014-08-03
139,000won [6 seats left]
Summer in Beijing(2014)
Join on our great trip to China! We will still offer you the best d...
2014-07-27 ~ 2014-07-30
No seats left
[2014-07-15]  Mud Festival Parade event
[2014-05-23]  Paragliding trip in June
[2014-02-19]  2014 Paragliding tour schedule
[2013-11-05]  Paintballing Game
[2013-09-11]  Paragliding Schedule(October 2013)
[2013-07-19]  Paragliding Schedule(August,Septembe...
[2014-05-15]  2013 Ullendo Island trip with Adventur...
[2014-02-17]  JSA/DMZ Combined Tour
[2013-11-22]  Seoraksan & Osaek Hot Spring
[2013-06-05]  Paragliding!
[2013-05-01]  Spring festivals in Korea: the Jindo S...
[2013-05-01]  Biking around Upo Wetland, strawberry ...
[2013-02-15]  A year with Adventure Korea
[2013-05-10]  Insadong Monlight Korean Traditional ...
[2013-03-06]  When you found Konglish signs.... KRW...
[2012-11-07]  2012/11/10(sat) Let''''s go to Namsan!
[2012-07-17]  my BnB experience in korea (bed and bre...
[2012-06-16]  Powder Skiing on Mt.Halla of Jeju #5
[2012-06-16]  Powder Skiing on Mt.Halla of Jeju #4
[2012-06-16]  Powder Skiing on Mt.Halla of Jeju #3
[DolYaeGong] We are looking for the artists for DYG!
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The volunteer group of teaching Korean
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Now anyone can Hunt and harvest deer in the United States
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Korean Lessons
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