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Subject : 2nd Mud Festival(Sat,23-Sun,24 July 2011)
Trip Data : 2011-07-23
No seats left
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Destination : Daecheon beach,Boryeong in Chungcheongnam-Do
Departure Point : Hongik Univ. Subway stn(Line.2 Exit 1)/ Express bus terminal stn(Line 3,7,9 Exit 3)
Includes : Transportation(A chartered bus),accommodation,Mud beach experience fee(Mud marathon,extreme training

Adventure Korea is gearing up for the annual MUD FESTIVAL.  This is the biggest festival in all of South Korea and Adventure Korea has been taking people down south to play in the mud since 2003.  With all our experience we know what you want and what to expect.  So sign up and let us take you to a place where you’ll find it is the muddier the better.

The festival is held over a period of nine days.  Therefore we will be taking two trips, the first one is on Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th and the second one will be Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th.  You can choose which ever weekend suits your schedule best.

On Saturday we will travel down to Boryeong.  However our first stop won’t be the festival.  First up we will go to the actual mud beach for the silt extreme training.  Here you get the chance to dress in military gear, compete in races, wrestling, muddy games and much, much more.  This is not part of the festival; it is a special extra activity that we have built into our schedule.  And it’s well worth it.  Get muddy, make loads of friends and have a blast before we even get to the festival area.

As a special treat, for those that sign up on the second trip (July 23rd-24th) there will be a fun obstacle mud marathon on the real mud beach in the area.  Along the course will be special rubber hurdles and challenges.  This is going to be so much fun.  Running, sliding, climbing over the hurdles, and trying to out pace everyone else.  It’s especially for our tour group.  Everyone that participates will receive a medal of participation, and the top three runners will receive money prizes. Usually this costs W15,000, but AK has generously offered to pay for everyone.  So make the most of a free fun mud run.  This event will take place on Saturday right after the silt extreme military training.

After checking into our hotels, you will have free time to explore the festival area, and all that Daecheon has to offer.  Daecheon is a beautiful sandy beach town, so all the mud for the festival is trucked in especially for the festival.  Paint yourself in mud of various colours, wrestle your friends or total strangers, tug-of-war games, and the various mud slides, but watch out or you may be put into the mud prison.  Why not pose for the photo competitions, our AK members have been selected for brochures etc in the past – maybe it will be your turn this year.  Don’t forget the massages, crafts you can make, the gorgeous sauna, and so much more.

At night after the muddy part of the festival is over there will be a concert and fireworks.  Here you will see some of the best fireworks displays in Korea, and you will be guaranteed a great view wherever you decide to sit on the beach.

On Sunday you will have more free time to get muddy again, or just relax on the beach, before we make our way back to the buses and back to Seoul.

This really is the festival no to be missed, and is world famous.  The mud at the festival is very good for your skin, so save a bit of money and give yourself a full body mud mask. 

Come on and get down and dirty with Adventure Korea.

What to bring : Toiletries, sandals, Towel,swim suit and extra socks(for extreme training)
Schedule :

Day 1

07:00am Depart from Hongik Univ. Subway station(Sub Line 2,Exit 1)

07:30am Pick up at Express bus terminal Subway station(Sub Line3,7,9/ Exit 3)

*Please come to the pick up site on time as we are leaving on time and please let us know which site you want to be picked up from those two sites above through e-mail

10:45am Arrive at Mud beach in Boryeong
11:00am Let''''s join us on the Fun Mud Marathon event

12:30pm  Experience the Silt extreme training course

-  Silt basic training & Mud wrestling
-  Cavalry battles
-  Human pyramid game
-  and much more

14:00pm Unpack our bag at our accommodation

14:40pm Partake in the Festival

    - Street Parade( Marching band, theme cars, performance groups etc)
-  Mud sliding
-  Mud wrestling

16:30pm Free time

Partake in other Festival activities.


08:30am Wake up and go for a walk to the beautiful morning beach

09:30am Partake in the festival

11:00am Check out and put your bag in the bus

11:30am Partake in the festival

     Partake in any of your beach activities such as swimming,
     Suntan and beach volleyball

16:00pm Depart for Seoul

19:30pm Arrive at Express bus terminal station

20:00pm Arrive at Hongik Univ. station

Payment Details

1.There will be 4-5 people in each room . Rooms have TV, blanket, toilet and shower facilities. So you just bring your own toiletries and towel

2. Please book early as the places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Trip payment must be made within 48hours after reservation. If not, reservation will Be cancelled

3. You must pay the full amount in order to reserve your place. And the cancellation Policy is as follows;
  10 days before the trip from the departure time: you will get a full refund
  10 days - 5 days before the trip from the departure time:50% refund
   4 days before the trip from the departure time: 0% refund

4. If you want to share a room with your friend, let us know in advance so that we can organize it.

5. Group room(5-8 people room) is available. so if you have more than 4 people in your group, let us know in advance as well.

6. Send payment to Woori Bank(우리은행) account no: 668-065778-02-101. under the name of Park Seok Jin(박석진)

7. Please send us an e-mail at after you have sent the money  with your full name , phone number,gender and  pick up site(Hongik univ. station or Express bus terminal stn)

8.If you are signing for your group, let us know all participants information above.

How to Pay for Trips

1.You can use ATM machines to wire payments directly from your bank account to Adventure Korea’s account, which is Woori Bank(우리은행) 668-065778-02-101 under the name of Park Seokjin(박 석 진).
2.Otherwise, you can visit any bank in Korea and have a teller wire the funds on your behalf. Be sure to have my phone number handy (018 242 5536) if you encounter any problems. 
3.If you wish to buy new club T-shirts, click below

How to sign up for the trip
 1. At the bottom of the trip details you will see a sign up button click on this. If you are not a member you will have to sign up by clicking on the sign up link. After this is done simply follow the directions as listed.   
2.  Please leave contact information i.e. phone number in case there is any cancellation to the trip or any other changes to the posted information.
3.After wiring payment please remember to send an email to the Webmaster in order to confirm the booking and let us know your full name,pick up site and phone number. This will assist in matching your details to the corresponding wire transfers quickly

Additional Information : *We make sure we are meeting at EXIT 3 at the Express bus terminal subway station for this trip.
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Cancellation Policy

The reason why we have these guidelines is because of the problems we've had in the past. Extra people would show up on the day of the trip and have to be turned away because there were no more seats available.
Organizing trips, hiring buses and the likes can be expensive, and if people don't turn up without paying it can add to the overall cost of the trip. So by depositing the money into the bank account we can guarantee seats and know who is definitely coming and reduce the overall cost of the trip for you.

If you have paid and would like a refund we have a three day policy. This policy is as follows:
3 days before the trip: Full refund (72 hours from departure time)
2 days before the trip: 50% refund(48 hours from the departure time)
1 day before the trip: 0% refund ( 24 hours or less from the departure time)
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