Amazing Grilled Pork belly BBQ, Grilled seafood | Korean Food

😋Amazing Korean BBQ, Pork belly BBQ | How to make Korean BBQ,Grilled pork BBQ |Korean Street Food, Samgyeopsal
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(🔎 Information)
: Black Pork Boston Butt(200g) KRW 18..000/ USD 16.4
: Black Pork Belly(200g) KRW 18.000 / USD 16.4
: Naengmyeon(Cold Noodles) KRW 5.000 / USD 4.5
: Abalone(5 ea) KRW 15.000 / USD13.7
: Shrimp(5 ea) KRW 10.000 /USD 9
: Fried rice(1 serving): KRW 2.000 / USD 1.8
Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/64uebVRwx1fALyNj9
Naver Map:http://naver.me/FhAR6yEj

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