Awesome sushi master skills | Korean local restaurant

Awesome sushi master skills | Korean local restaurant
Namhae Mijo port, the beginning and end of National Route 19. It is well known for its beautiful scenery and the sea anchovy festival held every May.
There is a sushi specialty restaurant run by a Japanese chef, “You and Me’s Dream”.
After leaving a restaurant that had been running in Japan for 20 years, he settled in Namhae, the hometown of his Korean wife, and is serving traditional Japanese sushi.
They operate a 100% reservation system to serve their customers daily food made with fresh ingredients, so make sure to make a reservation one day in advance.

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(🔎 Information)
Set no.1 KRW 15.000 / USD 13.7
(Sushi 10ps,miso soup,salad, side dish 1)
Set no.2 KRW 25.000 / USD 22.8
(Sushi 13ps, miso,salad,side 2)
Set no.3(from 2 servings) KRW 50.000 / USD 45.5
(Set 2+ assorted seafood, Chef’s speciality 2)

*Contact: 010-4781-0312
*Open hours: 11:00-20:00( Break time:14;00pm-17:00pm)

Google Map:https://g.page/youmekum?share
Naver Map:http://naver.me/Gge3ONUq

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