See the Dorasan Station, the first railway stop into North Korea when Unification happens

DMZ Trip Report

Last week we went to the DMZ where we were able to see Imjingak, the Dorasan train station, the Dorasan Observatory, the Third Infiltration Tunnel, as well as the Premium Outlet and Provence in Paju.

We started out the tour by getting a quick history lesson about the DMZ while on the way there by our tour guide. If you had forgotten about some of the details or only knew the basic information about why the DMZ came to be this explanation was a perfect way to brush up or learn what you needed to know before getting there.

We started out by getting to Imjingak where you can see different monuments to commemorate the Korean War. While there you can also go up to the top of the building and look out of binoculars that are set up there so you can see the landscape of North Korea. You can be sure that the pictures taken here are going to look amazing while also remembering the sacrifices of many people.

After Imjingak, we headed towards Dorasan Train Station, which is where the first rail line in Korea was built but subsequently destroyed during the Korean War. Our tour guide told us that while it is the Northernmost rail station in South Korea, it is going to be the first stop on the way into North Korea when there is Unification. At the station, there were many pictures set up of the meeting between Moon Jae In and Kim Jong Un, showing that while Korea is separated right now there will always be the hope for reunification.

The next site that we saw was the Dorasan Observatory where you can look into North Korea and see the DMZ line. While it was a foggy day, you could still see the city of Kaeseong where the Industrial Complex was. It was also there that you could see the huge flags of both nations flying on their respective side, the North Korean flag to the north and the South Korean flag to the south.

Then we were at the Third Infiltration Tunnel. It was amazing to see how the North Korean soldiers made that tiny tunnel that they intended to use as a way to invade. I myself am on the shorter side and I had to crouch down as to not hit my head on the rocky ceiling.

After learning about the DMZ and the Korean War, it was nice to take a little relaxing breather while at the Paju Premium Outlet. While there we were given a choice of three dishes we could have included with the trip, and the jjambbong that I ate was delicious. There were many outlet stores that had a great variety of clothes and accessories as well as a really neat Marvel outlet. I also got to get some taste of home by going to Johnny Rockets and getting a nice chocolate shake.

Provence is really something to see and smell even. Based off of a French village, Provence has many small shops and restaurants including one famous for its’ garlic bread. The murals all over Provence were really nice to look at as well; it fit the vibe of the town perfectly.

Adventure Korea took us on an amazing trip to one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea, and I think it is in part to how long they have been doing this tour. When you go to the same destination for years, you learn the small and not well known facts and things that make the trip that much more fun and interesting.

See the Dorasan Station, the first railway stop into North Korea when Unification happens
Walk down the third infiltration tunnel and learn about the other tunnels found in South Korea
Look into North Korea from the Dorasan Observatory

Walk around the Unification Village

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