Folk Village&Suwon Fortress Trip Report

If you want to take a nice relaxing trip while also learning about how Korea was back during the Joseon dynasty, then this is the trip to go on.

We started off the trip by going to Hwaseong Fortress. The fortress is huge, being the first fortress built in Korea that utilized modern building techniques. We got dropped off near the East Gate, where you can go right up to the massive doors and even get on top of the walls where soldiers would be posted with crossbows or primitive firearms.

You could also go on a mini tour where you ride around the fortress going to all the gates, one for each direction on the compass. If you walk along the walls of the fortress, you can come across Dongbukgangnu. Dongbukgangnu is a pavilion that was supposed to be a command post of the fortress, but because of the beauty of it it was used mainly for feasts and such. Up there you can see in all directions and look down at the nice walking path below where there are many beautiful trees and flowers growing.

From the fortress we went to the Suwon Traditional Market. The market was like nothing I had seen before. Many people had their shops set up trying to sell their wares be it clothes, shoes, hats, or food like vegetables, fruit, or even silk worms. Walking around the market was like being sent back to when people didn’t order everything they needed from companies like Amazon or going to the local Walmart to get what they want or need. While at the market I also was able to see a statue of the former King of Korea Jeongjo where he is pouring you a drink, making for a great photo opportunity.

After the market we went on to go to the Korean Folk Village. Going to the village was like being sent back in time to the Joseon Dynasty. While there we got to eat some traditional Korean food, see the architecture that was common at the time, and see some nice performances put on by the workers at the village. If you like relaxing, this is the perfect place to do so. There are many little trails that go out of the way where you can take a moment to take everything in like the natural springs and the nature all around you.

The bridges and the river at the village were also very nice and relaxing, as evidenced by the old man sat by the riverside painting the scenery that I saw there. You were also able to blow off some steam by going on the standing swings that they had there, which took me back to being a kid again.

If you want to see what Korea used to be like before it turned into the skyscraper-laden landscape that it is now, this is the trip to go on. I got to learn a lot about the history of this beautiful country while also relaxing and getting rid of the stress from the week.

My criticism of the trip can only be that there was a lot of time at the folk village which could be a bit long for younger kids. If you are an impatient person, the time spent at the folk village could seem like a very long time. However, many people can take that time and see everything that the village has to offer and then relax near the creek or in the trails that are spread out in the village. They can also relax in the small resting pavilions that are set up throughout the village.
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