How to make a variety of macaroons at buffet | waffle, pizza

How to make a variety of macaroons at buffet | waffle, pizza | Korean local food
“Seven star Buffet” located in Jeju City, where you can enjoy 200 different menus such as Korean, Chinese, Western, and Japanese dishes, special desserts, barbecue, and seafood to your liking.

The seven treasures of Jeju, such as sunshine, air, land, water, wind, sea, and the sincerity of farmers and fishermen, are said to be cooked with honesty and sincerity.

This place is also famous for macaroons, pizza, and waffles, which are made daily by dessert chefs.
Since it is located in Jeju City, it is said that not only Jeju residents but also tourists who have traveled to Jeju visit a lot.

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(🔎 Information)
: Weekday Lunch KRW 32.500 / USD 29.5
: Weekday Dinner & Weekend Lunch KRW 46,500 / USD 42.3
: Weekend Dinner KRW 49.500 / USD 45
-Tel) 064-759-9973
-Open Hours: 11:30am-15:00pm / 17:30-22:00

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/nV72WqNXPw4aKciB9
Naver Map: http://naver.me/GAi6FTWc

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