Jinhae/Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival&Bike Tour

Highlights of Event

We will take you to Jinhae and Gyeongju (the Rome of Korea), where you can experience the beauty of blossom along-side the history of the Silla Dynasty. Cherry blossom trees line the streets of Gyeongju creating beautiful flower tunnels waiting for us to cycle through them.

.Price is only 99,000won(95,000won by March 22) and covers all the expenses below
1.Visit best Cherry blossom site in Jinhae
2.Bike around the Gyeongju city and 5 hour bike rental fee
4.Korean Pork BBQ dinner(삼겹살)
5.Western style breakfast(Toast,coffee,yogurt,orange juice and fruit)
6.Staying at Luxury guest house
7.Trational Korean rice snack cooking experience
8.Noraebang using fee
9.Round trip limousine bus
10.English speaking guides
*Entry fee for Seogulam Grotto&Bulgyksa is not included


Spring is fast approaching and with the warmer weather comes cherry blossoms. All around Korea, cherry blossoms will start blooming but it doesn’t last long. To find the best places to view this beauty and have an exciting cycling and fun filled weekend look no further than Adventure Korea.

We will take you to Gyeongju (the Rome of Korea), where you can experience the beauty of blossom along-side the history of the Silla Dynasty. Cherry blossom trees line the streets of Gyeongju creating beautiful flower tunnels waiting for us to cycle through them. There will be many wonderful areas for photos and if you bring a packed lunch we are sure you will find the perfect spot for a picnic.
We will also visit Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday morning and you will visit Yeojwacheon Romance Bridge and the Cherry Blossom tunnel along the stream. and Gyeonghwa Rail station.

Korea is a small country but is heavily populated and we are predicting bad traffic as many Seoulites make their way south to view the Cherry blossom festivals in the south of the country. Because of this, we will leave Seoul on Friday night at 11:30. We will drive through the night and pick up people in other cities on the way.
Once we arrive in the morning to beat the traffic then we will visit Jinhae to witness the most famous Cherry blossom sites and take a life photo. We will spend a few hrs there for pictures and to explore a bit before we head to Gyeongju city.

When we arrive in Gyeongju City we will go straight to the bike rental shop. Once you have your bike sorted, put yourself in a group, so as you don’t get lost. Grab a map, make a plan and off you go. We have a few places that we recommend and we’ll give you about 5 hours to take your time, while still seeing as much as you can.
*We will provide Gyeongju city map and stamp book.
Walking tour is available, so please let us know when you sign up.

We will start at Bomun lake area, this resort is a big tourist area for Gyeongju. The lake itself is large at almost 20 square km. At the entrance the stream from Deokdongo Lake flows in powering a water mill, and flows onto an artificial waterfall. In spring the whole walkway surrounding the lake is covered in pink cherry blossom petals, making the scenery breathtaking. and move to the Bunhwangsa Temple. This temple ground holds a stone pagoda that is the oldest of Silla’s remaining stone towers. Estimated to be 7 or 9 stories high originally, what is left is still a magnificent piece of culture and craftsmanship. The base has three tiers with a door on each of its four sides. Outside the doors stand two Buddhist figures guarding what the pagoda once held. There are also four stone lions on each corner of the platform which make one think that this pagoda was once considered very sacred.

Next stop is the Hwangryeongsa Temple site. Not far from Bunhwangsa, this temple site was originally planned to be a new palace, but according to legend a dragon omen convinced the King to change the plans into a temple. Hwangyeongsa took over 17 years to complete. Although it was a huge feat to build only the foundation stones remain, but these will show you just how big it would have been. Hwangnyeongsa was the largest of all Korean pagodas at 224 feet and except for the foundation of 60 stones, it was constructed of wood. The foundation alone was 6084 square feet and held eight stone pillars per side.
A little further along is the Daereungwon Royal Tombs Park. Here you can hop off your bike and wander around the massive tombs of ancient royalty. 23 of the 200 Royal tombs in Gyeongju are in this park. Make your way to the main Cheonmachong tomb where you can go inside and see the amazing layering that was used to build these huge mounds. Its part museum, part cemetery and very interesting.

Right across the road from the tombs is Cheomseongdae Observatory. This ancient astronomical tower is the oldest surviving observatory in East Asia. Still in very good condition the stone tower is not to be missed when in Gyeongju.
Our next recommendation is Seokbinggo. This is an ancient refrigerator, found only in Korea. Even though it is hundreds of years old, you can still feel a chill at the entrance. This marvelous construction was mostly used to provide ice for the upper class, and it has survived so much longer than the modern refrigerators we see in our homes today.

After cooling off at Seokbinggo, why not jump back on your bike and head to Anapji Pond. This man-made pond was part of the ancient palace complex. The beauty of the pond and the surrounding buildings make this a great place to stop for a wander and to stretch those legs and give your butt a break for a while. A walk around the pond will allow you to view the reconstructed pavilions, the small islands and more cherry blossoms.

Our final recommendation for you to see is the Gyeongju National Museum.
Gyeongju National Museum is deep in tradition, with a history of about 90 years. Representing Gyeongju, which used to be the capital of Silla (BC57~AD935). The exhibit hall is divided into 4 large parts: the Main hall, Annex I, Annex II, and the Outdoor Exhibit Area (Museum Grounds). In the Main Hall you can see earthenware, and in the Arts and Crafts room you can see various artwork and craftwork. Gukeun Memorial Hall exhibits 666 artifacts, which are the personal collection of Dr. Lee Yang-Seon, donated here for preservation. Artifacts from the great tombs still left in the city of Gyeongju are exhibited in Annex I, the Gobun Gallery. There are many glittering accessories, such as golden crowns, crown ornaments, belts, earrings etc.
You can experience the superb artistry from the Silla Period through these artifacts. Approximately 30,000 artifacts were excavated from Anapji Pond, the most significant of which are exhibited in Annex 2, the Anapji Gallery. The various types of items show the life in the Royal Court during the Silla Period. After the galleries, you can move on to the Outdoor Exhibit Area, the Museum Grounds. The King Seongdeoks Bell located there, is the most renowned bell of Buddhist temples. You cannot help but feel solemn as you watch the relic. There are also various artifacts from royal palaces and temples exhibited here. Buddhist sculptures make up a majority of the stone artifacts. If you are a traveler interested in Buddhism or the magnificent culture of royal palaces, this is a place you do not want to miss.

There are more activities and places that you may want to try out on your way like visiting the Teddy bear museum, hot air-balloon rides, ATV riding, and an Amusement park as well. These places and activities are dotted along the bike trail that we recommend so feel free to stop in at one of them as you wish.
After biking and exploring Gyeongju we will return our bikes and make our way to our accommodation.

We will have Korean pork BBQ dinner(included) together and have party as we will prepare Noraebang system.
On the third day(Sunday) we will have breakfast together. and then make traditional Korean rice snack.
After that we will visit Feokgulam Grotto and Bulguksa temple.

With so much sightseeing packed into one weekend we will tiredly board the coach and head back to Seoul.
This trip has a lot to offer and it’s the best time of year to catch the beautiful blossom and see the history that the Silla Dynasty still offers us today. So sign up now!

Our early bird discount will get you transportation, accommodation, bike rental, Namsan entrance fee, 1 meal and great English speaking tour guides for only W95,000, if you sign up by March 22th. After then it’s still a great deal at W99,000.
You can also get a discount if you live closer to Gyeongju like Daegu,Busan and Gwangju as we can meet you at the Gyeongju bus terminal at 11:30am on Saturday.

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Day 1 (Friday 05 April)


Meet at Hongik University Subway station(Subway line 2 Exit 1)


Pick up at Express bus terminal in front of exit number 8.(Sub line no.3,7 or 7)

Day 2(Saturday 06 April)


Cheongmyeong(청명) subway stop exit 1
*6 stops away from Jukjeon and 6 stops away from Suwon(수원) subway station


Osan college station


Pick up at Daejeon Tollgate
click the link to see a detail of pick up point


Arrive at Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival


Visit best cherry blossom sites
– Yeojwacheon Romance Bridge
– Cherry blossom Tunnel
– Gyeonghwa Rail Station


Leave for Gyeongju


Arrive in Gyeongju and leave for Bike tour
We will provide a tour map and stamp book
*Tour Course
Bunhwangsa Temple – Hwangryeongsa Temple Site- Daeneungwon (Cheonmacheong)- Cheomseongdae-Seokbinggo Ice Storage-Imhaejeonji(Anapji)- Bomun Lake area-Gyeongju National Museum and much more


Move to Hotel


Arrive at accommodation and check in


Dinner together(Korean Pork BBQ,-included)


Noraebang&Social time

Day 3 (Sunday 07 April)


Wake up and have Breakfast at the hotel(Included)


Experience Traditional Korean Rice Snack cooking


Depart hotel


Visit Seogulam Grotto


Visit Bulguksa temple&Have lunch(not included)


Depart for Seoul


Gyeongju bus terminal


Daejeon Tollgate


Osan college station


Cheongmyeong subway stop


arrive at Express Bus Terminal in Seoul.


arrive at Hongik University stn (Line no.2)

Payment Detail

1). Price is only 99,000won(95,000won by March 22) and covers all the expenses below
1.Visit best Cherry blossom site in Jinhae
2.Bike around the Gyeongju city and 5 hour bike rental fee
3.Korean Pork BBQ dinner(삼겹살)
4.Western style breakfast(Toast,coffee,yogurt,orange juice and fruit)
5.Staying at Luxury guest house
6.Trational Korean rice snack cooking experience
7.Noraebang using fee
8.Round trip limousine bus
9.English speaking guides
*Entry fee for Seogulam Grotto&Bulgyksa is not included

2). There will be 4-5 people in each room. If you want to share a room with your friends, let us know all the people names in advance so that we can arrange.
Please mail to webmaster@adventurekorea.com if you want to use a 2 persons room. It costs extra 30,000won per room
3). This tour is the one of the most popular one in our trips so please book early as the places will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.
4).You can use ATM machines to wire payments directly from your bank account to Adventure Korea’s account, Shinhan Bank account no: 140-011-581081 under the name of (주)더에이케이트래블. Otherwise, you can visit any bank in Korea and have a teller wire the funds on your behalf. You can pay via paypal to adventurekoreatrip@gmail.com
If you use paypal, 1usd is same as 1,000won.

Cancellation Policy

3 days before the trip: Full refund (72 hours from departure time)
2 days before the trip: 50% refund(48 hours from the departure time)
1 day before the trip: 0% refund ( 24 hours or less from the departure time)

Pick up site

1.Hongik Univ. subway station(Exit 1)
-Please come out to exit 1 and you will see our bus and staff at the top of the exit

2.Express bus terminal(Exit 8)

3.Cheongmyeong station

4. Osan college station

5.Daejeon Tollgate

Additional Information

(Group discount)
If more than 5 people sign up together, you will all receive a discount on the trip like below;
5-9 people:2,000won
10-14 people:3,000won
more than 15 people: 5,000won
NOTE: You must all sign up and pay together to qualify for the discount. Please email webmaster@adventurekorea.com to qualify
*If you have been on one trip with us and join us again you will get a discount on your next trip. The more trips you do the more discount you will get.
Here’s a breakdown
your first trip is full price.
your second trip is discounted by 1,000won.
your third trip is discounted by 2,000won.
your fourth trip is discounted by 3,000won.
your fifth trip is discounted by 4,000won.
from your 6th trip is discounted by 5,000won.
Please send an email to webmaster@adventurekorea.com to qualify.

By signing up and participating in any of the trips offered by Adventure Korea, the PARTICIPANT acknowledges and agrees that the activities offered by Adventure Korea are in general adventure sports/activities in nature, and therefore are generally risky activities which may involve potential and unforeseeable risks of harm, which could include death or serious personal injury. The PARTICIPANT voluntarily and expressly assumes these risks and is fully responsible for his/her participation and actions in the activities at issue, and agrees that Adventure Korea or any of its officers, employees, guides, and representatives shall not be responsible for or be obligated to provide any financial assistance or any other assistance whatsoever in the event of injury, illness, death or property damage relating to or arising out of the Activities at issue.

Please send an email to webmaster@adventurekorea.com if you have any questions.

Adventure Korea Team


₩ 99,000