Inje K-Pop Concert & Chuncheon Tour


While on this trip to Inje to watch some of the biggest K-Pop artists Momoland, Lovelyz, Lee Eunmi, YB, and Pentagon, we will also be visiting Chuncheon earlier in the day.

  • While in Chuncheon, we will see Soyang River Skywalk. There you can test your fear of heights on the glass-bottom bridge that spans over the river
  • If you’re a fan of the famous Winter Sonata drama, you can visit some of the places that they filmed at in Chuncheon like Yukrim Street
  • Walk around the Romantic Market (formerly known as Joongang Market) in Chuncheon and eat dakglabi (닭갈비) which was made famous here in the 60s
  • Arrive at Inje and watch some of the biggest K-Pop artists (Lee Eunmi, YB, Lovelyz, Momoland, and Pentagon)
  • Sit in the best seats in the stadium, right at the front of the crowd so you are close to the K-Pop artists that you love

The price is only 35,000won and Includes below;
Round trip limousine bus
2019 Inje KPOP Concert Ticket
English/Chinese speaking tour assistant
Chuncheon Soyang river Skywalk entry fee          

What to Expect

Eat the delicious dakgalbi which was made famous in Chuncheon

Watch the great Momoland which debuted in 2016

Sit in the best seats in the stadium, right at the front of the crowd so you are close to the K-Pop artists that you love



Meet at PIZZA UP near Hong-ik univ station exit 3


Tour Chuncheon
– Visit Soyang river Skywalk
– Joongang Market: taste famous Chicken rib(닭갈비)
– Yukrim street


Move to Inje county


Arrive at Inje and partake in the local festival

19:00pm - 21:30pm



Depart for Seoul


Arrive at Hongik Univ. subway station

Payment Detail

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Cancellation Policy

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Pick up site

Meet at PIZZA UP near Hong-ik univ station exit 3

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₩ 35,000