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Adventure Korea is the hot spot company for outdoor education trips for international schools to take amazing trips all over the nation of Korea. We have been active for 19 years as well, which makes us one of the longest running companies to enact these trips all over Korea.

We have been working with many international schools since 2012 to build up our personal brand! Some of the schools we have worked with include the following:

-Singapore American School
-Hong Kong International School
-Korea International School(KIS)
-Dulwich College Seoul
-Dalton School
-Busan International Foreign School
-Busan Foreign School

-Chadwick International School
-Seoul International School (SIS)
-Gyeonggi Suwon International School (GSIS)
-Westerminster Canadian Academy
-Hyundai Foreign School(HFS)
-Yongsan International School(YISS)
-Seoul Foreign School(SFS)

-Korea International School in Jeju
-Gyeongnam International Foreign School(GIFS)
-APIS(Asia Pacific International School)
-Eaton House Prep Seoul
-BEK(British Education Korea)

…..and many more!

As you can see, our list of schools is pretty extensive. That’s why we want to work with even more schools and educate the kids of today that will become the adults of the future! If you want your group of students to become closer by bonding through adventurous activities, learn how to overcome adversity, and become closer with the nature around them Adventure Korea is definitely the company for you.

We organize a multitude of different programs for all ages, so you will definitely be able to find the perfect program for you and your students to enjoy. You can immerse yourself in outdoor education, survival skills, and being able to build up your character as well. Our outdoor education trips are some of the top trips Adventure Korea has to offer. We cater to all of your needs too, from the buses and accommodations, you will truly have an enjoyable trip by working with our company.

There have been many studies as to what the benefits are to outdoor education and learning outside of the classroom. There are many benefits, but the biggest ones are ones that will allow your students to become more self-sufficient and to think critically about the situations they are in. Here is a list of the benefits that outdoor education can bring to your students:

  • Learn how to overcome adversity
  • Enhance personal and social
  • Develop a deeper relationship with nature

These are the general goals of outdoor education and experiential learning. Our trips have these goals in mind and we emphasize them to do many things for the benefit of the students including:

  • Teaching outdoor survival skills
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Reduce recidivism
  • Enhance teamwork between students
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Understand natural environments
  • Teach students that they are part of nature and the ecosystem
 There have also been studies that say that after outdoor education, students perform better in the classroom and the students that are usually aloof at school are more engaged with their studies. These students would probably benefit from more hands on learning than the traditional classroom learning that normally occurs. 

Adventure Korea is truly the company to whisk you away from the classroom and out to the great outdoors to enjoy an educational trip of a lifetime!

Check below to see the list of activities that we are offering!

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