Pink Flower Festival, Temple Stay, Apple Pie&Jeonju Hanok Village

Highlights of Event

– Enjoy the day at the Beautiful Moss pink flower festival
– Experience apple pie cooking
– Winery tour and sample some apple wine and rum
– Understand Korea’s Buddhism by Temple stay
– Visit famous Jeonju Hanok village
– Taste local delicacies
* This trip is open to families including children of all ages
We guarantee that you will not find this type of experience for this special price.
We only have limited 30 seats, so sign up today!!



Maisan Provincial park
Maisan Provincial Park is located in Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do and has a vareity of names depending on the season. In the spring, it is called Dotdaebong, in the summer, Yonggakbong, in the fall, Maibong, and in the winter, Munpilbong.

There are two main pathways leading up Maisan Mountain, located on the southern side and the northern side. The southern course is very popular, showcasing the many stone pagodas of Tapsa Temple. This temple has around 80 tall stone pagodas that does not sway no matter how strong the winds may blow. Another attraction of the mountain is Eunsusa Temple, where King Taejo stopped
to give a 100-day prayer during his trip to Seongsusan Mountain.

*Temple stay
This temple stay will offers a unique experience for all of you to live in a temple for a short period of time and learn about korean culture and the lifestyle of Buddhist monks.
The temple provide a spritual haven from the turmoil of city life with natural and serene surroundings. With the singing of the birds and the clicking pattering of the wood blocks from early in the morning, you can achieve harmony through Zen meditation and silent asceticism.

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Day 1


Honik Univ. subway station(Sub line 2, Exit 1)


Express Bus Terminal subway station(Sub line 3,7,9 Exit 8)


Cheongmyeong subway station (Exit 1)


Osan College subway station (Exit 2)


Arrive at Apple orchard


Winery tour


Apple pie making




Move to the temple


Registration,Room allocation,hand out
monastic wear


Orientation&Look around the temple




Yebul&108 bows


Silence walking meditation




Lights out

Day 2


Dawn Yebul(This is optional – for all you late risers)


Temple-style breakfast


Free Time


Maisan Trekking


Depart and move to Moss pink flower festival


Lets have lunch(Buffet style)


Enjoy at the pink flower festival


Move to Jeonju


Jeonju Hanok Village tour


Depart for home


Osan college station


Cheongmyeong station


Express bus terminal station

Payment Detail

The price of the trip is only 98,000won and includes all event fees listed below;
1. Round trip limousine bus
2. Winery tour and apple pie making fee
3. Delicious 2 local meals (Saturday lunch& Sunday lunch)
4. Overnight Temple stay experience fees including accomodation
5. 2 meals at the temple
6. Bonfire
7. Trekking guide
8. English speaking guides
We only have limited 30 seats, so sign up today!!

How to pay

1.You can use ATM machines or online banking to wire payments directly from your bank account to Adventure Korea’s account, Shinhan Bank account no: 140-011-581081 under the name of (주)더에이케이트래블
2.Otherwise, you can visit any bank in Korea and have a teller wire the funds on your behalf.
3.You can pay via paypal to
If you use paypal, 1 usd is same as 1,000won.
4. When you deposit into the Adventure Korea’s account, PLEASE make sure you send an email to and provide all the information below;
1.Trip name
2.Your full name including middle name.
3.Contact number
5.How much was deposited
6.What bank you sent it from
7.Time and date you sent it
8.Pick up site
9.All your travel companion names for room arrangement

Cancellation Policy

3 days before the trip: Full refund (72 hours from departure time)
2 days before the trip: 50% refund(48 hours from the departure time)
1 day before the trip: 0% refund ( 24 hours or less from the departure time)

Pick up site

07:00 Honik Univ. subway station(Sub line 2, Exit 1)

07:30 Express Bus Terminal subway station(Sub line 3,7,9 Exit 8)

08:10 Cheongmyeong subway station (Exit 1)

08:40 Osan College subway station (Exit 2)

Additional Information

(Group discount)
If more than 5 people sign up together, you will all receive a discount on the trip like below;
5-9 people:2,000won
10-14 people:3,000won
more than 15 people: 5,000won
NOTE: You must all sign up and pay together to qualify for the discount. Please email to qualify
*If you have been on one trip with us and join us again you will get a discount on your next trip. The more trips you do the more discount you will get.
Here’s a breakdown
your first trip is full price.
your second trip is discounted by 1,000won.
your third trip is discounted by 2,000won.
your fourth trip is discounted by 3,000won.
your fifth trip is discounted by 4,000won.


₩ 98,000