Autumn Seoraksan and Naksan Beach Day Trip

KRW 39,000

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We are heading out to the super famous Seoraksan a little later than other tour groups to avoid the rush. This mountain still looks gorgeous for a few weeks after the majority of leaves change colour. But it will mean that you won’t feel so closed in by the crowds, after all we are going hiking up a mountain, not like walking up the subway stairs during rush hour.

Experience the untouched exceptional beauty of the mountains and see some of the best scenery Korea has to offer. Follow guides through hiking trails in the mountain range where you can take memorable photos of the views and be able to go at your own pace. Explore waterfalls and valleys surrounded by greenery. You don’t have to be an expert hiker to enjoy this trip because we also have beginner trails you can walk along just to take in the views. This is a trip like no other where you can experience the unique natural beauty of Korea, So why not join us for a more relaxing visit this weekend.

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