Daeheungsa Temple & Green tea Tour

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Need an escape from the stresses of daily life? Want to get more in touch with nature? Then this green tea tour to Daeheungsa Temple is for you! The day will begin with learning how to make green tea at the Iljiam Tea Garden in the famous Daeheungsa Temple. Daeheungsa Temple, located along the slopes of the stunning Duryunan Mountain, is considered one of the oldest temples in South Korea, believed to date back to the Three Kingdoms period (4th-9th century CE). The temple is the main headquarters of Korea’s most popular Buddhist sect, the Jogye Order, and contains 11 officially designated cultural properties including itself! Daeheungsa Temple is furthermore recognized as the historical center of Korean tea culture! Learn about the entire process of making tea; from picking the leaves, to sorting them, to making the tea itself. You’ll then be able to sip on your fresh tea as you’re guided through a traditional tea ceremony and meditation by a monk master! This trip is the perfect get-away, combining relaxation with Korean tradition and culture in a beautiful temple surrounded by lush greenery.

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