Overnight Wellness Trip to Yongpyong Resort

KRW 25,000

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Have a wonderful weekend trip to Gangwon! For only 25,000 won, you will be staying at the famous Yongpyong resort and participating in many events. We will have several wellness-related activities, such as yoga, hiking with the world-famous Mr. Um Hong Gil, cable car rides, and the skywalk.

Once we arrive at the magnificent Tower Condominium in Yongpyong, your group will have a fantastic time exploring the many amenities at the resort! During the first day we will participate in a pleasant yoga class. After dinner you can enjoy the beautiful view from your hotel room. Once breakfast is over we will go on a fantastic hike with the one and only world class climber! After the hike we will ride the cable cars and experience the breathtaking view from the skywalk. Finally, we’ll eat lunch before returning to Seoul.

Thank you to Gangwon Province for sponsoring this fantastic trip and helping us to keep it so low-cost! This is an excellent opportunity to take a break with our fantastic wellness-focused trip. Now is the time to book our relaxing and amazing Wellness Resort Package!

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