Tasty flounder and mugwort soup | Korean local food

Tasty flounder and mugwort soup | Hansik,korean local food, korean local restaurant
“Bongjeong Sikdang” located in Namhae Traditional Market, cooked with fresh seasonal ingredients.
It is one of the most famous restaurants in Namhae, and it is also recommended by the residents of Namhae and even tourists who have visited it even once. It is famous for its hearty and delicious meals, along with 13-14 kinds of side dishes and the generous kindness of the boss.
*Flounder and Mugwort Soup
Flounder boiled with fresh new growth mugwort.
As flounder is at its prime in spring, this dish is usually eaten
in that season. This dish is quite tasty and does not have any fishy smell,
as the fragrant mugwort removes the fish odor.
It is widely believed to be an effective hangover remedy in South Gyeongsang Province.
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(🔎 Information)
Flounder and Mugwort soup KRW 15.000 / USD 13.63
Soybean Paste Stew KRW 8.000 / USD 7.3
Grilled Fish KRW 10.000 / USD 9.1
Anchovy Ssambap(1serving) KRW 13.000 / USD 11.8

*Contact: 055-864-4306
*Open Hours: 06:00-19:00

Google Map:https://goo.gl/maps/6TaSaAXVxpmrMh5e9
Naver Map: http://naver.me/GhE8HD7Y

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