Top 7 Activities to do in Korea


Paragliding has become a very popular activity in Korea. It is perfect for thrill-seekers and adventure-seekers. There are many places in Korea where paragliding is offered. The top places to paraglide are in Danyang, Yangpyeong, Busan, Yongin, and Boryeong. Danyang is around 2-3 hours away from Seoul and provides paragliders with an amazing view of natural scenery. It is surrounded by tall majestic mountains and flowing rivers. Yangpyeong provides views of lush forests and parts of Seoul. Busan offers breathtaking views of the ocean, suburban areas, and mountains. In Yongin and Boryeong, you will fly over forests and catch glimpses of the cities. Paragliding is a safe activity and you will undergo safety training before you take flight with a professional instructor. You will be given all the necessary equipment and clothes for the activity. The instructor is in charge the whole time so you just get to relax and enjoy the view. The experience of flying through the sky is a memory you will hold onto forever. You will be provided a GoPro to record your paragliding adventure so you can look back on it later. Indulge in delicious Korean food at some of the best restaurants in each city and regain your energy after paragliding.

*Paragliding sites


*Website:  (English)

*How to get there: Take a bus from Dongseoul Terminal. Arrive at Danyang in 2 hours 30 minutes.

****Nearby Activities & Locations

Dodamsambong & Stone Gate

Dodamsambong is one of the eight scenic sights found in Danyang. Dodamsambong is three rocky peaks jutting out of the Namhan River. According to a legend, the three rocks represent a man, his wife, and a mistress. The man and wife loved each other, but were unable to have children. They found the mistress so they could get a male heir, and the mistress eventually did fall pregnant and have a child. When the child was born however, the mistress began to taunt the wife and mistreat the wife. When the heavens saw them, they turned all three into the peaks we see today, with the biggest being the husband, the second biggest the mistress, and the third biggest and the one further away from the other two the wife. 

If you walk along the river where Dodamsambong is, you will see a pavilion and some steps leading up to it. If you go up these steps and continue on the path there, you can come across the second most famous scenic view of Danyang, the Stone Gate. The Stone Gate is a rainbow shaped rock formation that looks like it was carved out of the mountain by man, but it is natural and took many years to form. You can get a great view of the river and the mountains through it. 

You can go to these two locations by taxi from the Danyang Bus Terminal. There is no entrance fee since you will not be parking a car there. 


Mancheonha Skywalk

The Mancheonha Skywalk is a great place for you to get an amazing view of Danyang, the river, and the mountains surrounding everything. While there you can also test your fear of heights with the floor at the end of the observation deck being glass. No matter where you are at the top, you will get a great place for taking photos. While at the Skywalk, you can also zipline down the mountain to the parking lot. The shuttle bus to the top of the mountain where the Skywalk is costs 3,000won. If you want to take the zipline down the shuttle and zipline costs 30,000won. The best way to get to the Skywalk is by taxi from Danyang Bus Terminal. 

Gosu Cave

Gosu Cave is a huge limestone cave that was formed over 450 million years ago. It is known as the “Underground Palace ” and is Korea’s “Natural Monument No. 256”. The cave is 5.4 kilometers long but people visiting the cave are limited to just 1.7 kilometers for exploring. Walk along the metal pathways installed in the cave and see all the different geographical wonders in there. The entrance fee to get into the cave is 11,000won, but if you go paragliding first and then head to the cave and show them your ticket for paragliding they will give you a discount of 10% making the entrance fee 9,900won. The best way to get to the cave is to just walk from Danyang Bus Terminal. There is a bridge across the street from the bus terminal that you need to walk across. Keep walking straight until you get to a point where you can turn left or right. You need to go right to get to where the cave is. Keep walking along that road until you see a bunch of little shops and restaurants, and you will see the entrance to the cave and the ticket kiosk.

  1. Yangpyeong


*How to get there: Take Korail train from Seoul Station and arrive at Yangpyeong Station in 1 hour. 


Take line 1 train from Jonggak Station to Cheongnyangni Station (14 minutes) and transfer. Take train from Cheongnyangni Station to Yangpyeong (33 minutes).


  1. Busan


*How to get there: Take Korail train from Seoul Station to Busan Station and arrive in 2 hours 45 minutes. 


Take bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Gyeongbu) to Busan Central Bus Terminal and arrive in 4 hours.





*How to get there: Take bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Yongin and arrive in 40 minutes. 



*How to get there: Take bus from Seoul Central City Bus Terminal and travel 2 hours and 10 minutes to Boryeong.


Take train from City Hall Station for 8 minutes and arrive in Yongsan Station. Transfer and take train from Yongsan Station for 2 hours and 36 minutes to Daecheon Station.


Travel hotline for travel and transportation inquires: 

For people in Korea: 1330

For people outside of Korea: +82 2 1330


2.Sea Life Busan


*Official Website: (Korean/English)

*How to get there: Take Korail train from Seoul Station to Busan Station and arrive in 2 hours 45 minutes. Get off at Haeundae Station and use exit #3 or #5 and walk 10 minutes.


Take bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Gyeongbu) to Busan Central Bus Terminal and arrive in 4 hours.  Get off at Haeundae Beach Stop at Busan Station.


Sea Life Busan Aquarium introduces visitors to the incredible deep world of the ocean. From big sharks to sea turtles, small starfish, sea horses and elegant stingrays, you can meet up close with all sea creatures at the aquarium. Sea Life shares the beauty of the sea with millions of visitors every year and is committed to preserving marine resources for the next generations.


*Entrance Fees: Adult (13+)- 29,000KRW, Child (3-12)- 23,000KRW


  • Otter Feeding
  • Penguin Feeding
  • Shark Feeding
  • Stingray Feeding

Experience Facility:

  • Transparent boating experience for sharks 7,000KRW

This is the only experience facility in the country where you can ride in a boat with a transparent glass floor. You will be able to experience sharks and other marine life up close for about 10-15 minutes inside the 3,000 ton water tank. During the experience, guides will provide interesting information about marine life and you will be able to feed fish from the boat. 

Other Experiences:

  • Virtual Reality Zone 4,000KRW

Put on a helmet and experience virtual reality firsthand. Follow along with fish in the ocean, meet giant humpback whales, manta rays, and jellyfish while listening to magnificent music under the sea. 




*Website Article: 

There are four perfect spots to go surfing in Korea which are Yangyang, Malipo Beach, Busan, and Jeju. The East Coast in Korea provides the best beaches and waves for surfing. Three areas on the East Coast include Yangyang, Sokcho, and Gangneung. Yangyang has recently become one of the most popular places to surf in the country because it provides great waves and an exciting surfing environment. The top surf spots in Gangneung are Jukdo Beach and Gyeongpo Beach. Mallipo Beach in Taean County offers great waves for all levels of surfers and also some of the most beautiful sunsets in the country. Busan, a major port city built on the seafront, has much to offer for surfers. The preferred surfing spot in Busan is Songjeong Beach and there are surfing schools and shops lined along the beach. Surfing in Jeju provides big waves that attract many experienced surfers from both Korea and abroad. Jungmun Beach and Weoljung Beach are the best surfing spots in Jeju and include beautifully clear waves that are perfect for photos. 

East coast(Yangyang/ Sokcho/Gangneung) 

*How to get there: 

Yangyang: Take a bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Yangyang (2 hours).

Sokcho: Take bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Sokcho Express Bus Terminal (2 hours 30 minutes).

Gangneung: Take Korail train from Seoul Station to Gangneung Station (1 hour 58 minutes). Take a bus from Dongseoul Bus Terminal to Gangneung (2 hours 20 minutes). 


Mallipo beach(West coast)

*How to get there: Take a bus from Seoul Nambu Terminal to Taean (2 hours 20 minutes). Take Express Bus or city bus from Taean Express Bus Terminal to Mallipo Beach.


*How to get there: Take Korail train from Seoul Station to Busan Station and arrive in 2 hours 45 minutes. 


Take bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Gyeongbu) to Busan Central Bus Terminal and arrive in 4 hours.



*How to get there: Take train from Seoul Station to Gimpo Airport (22 minutes). Take a plane from Gimpo Airport to Jeju (55 minutes). Take a bus from Jeju Airport to Jeju Bus Terminal. 


4.Stand up paddleboarding 




SUP, or stand-up paddleboarding, is a fun water-sport you can do in South Korea. You stand on a large surfboard and use a single-sided paddle to propel yourself over the water. This activity can be enjoyed by all ages. It’s a serene and peaceful form of gentle exercise that engages your mind and your body. You can partake in this activity almost anywhere there is a body of water in Korea, but some of the most popular SUP spots include the Han River in Seoul and Busan. On the Han River, enjoy the contrasting views of tall modern buildings and city life versus peaceful nature. Participate in stand-up paddleboarding in Gwangalli Beach and Dadaepo Beach in Busan. 


Han River, Seoul

Bus: Stops are located all along the Han River, take blue bus 405 or 740. 

Subway: Line 7 from Ttukseom, Line 5 & 8 from Gwangnaru, Line 5 from Yeouido, and Line 2 from Yanghwa.


Gwangalli Beach: Take a train from Seoul Station to Busan Station (2hours 42 minutes). Take a bus from Busan Station to Gwangan Station (18 minutes). Walk for 12 minutes to get to Gwangalli Beach. 


Dadaepo Beach: Take a train from Seoul Station to Busan Station (2 hours 42 minutes). Take the subway from Busan Station to Dadaepo Beach Station (37 minutes).


5.Zip Lining

Official Website: 


Nature lovers can enjoy an exciting zip lining adventure in Korea. Escape the bustling city life and travel to the famous Gapyeong and Nami Island area for an unforgettable zip lining experience. Take an exhilarating zip line experience over mountains and valleys. Go on courses that can get over 400 meters long. Take a ferry over to Nami Island and explore what it has to offer. Go for a scenic walk or bike ride along the island to fully experience its beauty. There are museums and art galleries that you can also explore. Experience the breathtaking Garden of Morning Calm. 


Gapyeong, Nami Island: Take a bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Gapyeong Station (1 hour 10 minutes). Take a ferry from Gapyeong to Nami Island (10 minutes, 13,000won). 

6.Sea Kayaking



Sea kayaking is a great leisure activity that allows you to take in the beautiful sights around you. Visit the beautiful Namhae Island for sea kayaking where you will experience a beautiful coastal landscape. You can also go kayaking on the Han River in Seoul where you can enjoy the views of the bustling city surrounding you.

Namhae Island: Take a bus from Nambu Bus Terminal to Namhae (4 hours 30 minutes).


Han River, Seoul: There are many ways to reach the Han River in Seoul. You can take Subway line 2 or 6 and get off at Hapjeong Station and walk to the river. Take subway line 7 to Ttukseom Resort station and take exit #2 or 3. Subway line 5 or 8 to Cheonho Station and exit #1. Subway line 5 to Yeouinaru Station and exit #2 or 3. Subway line 2 to Dangsan station and exit #4. 




Hiking is a popular activity you can do almost anywhere in Korea. Anyone can enjoy hiking in the busy city of Seoul, or you can choose to escape city life and go hiking at other destinations in Korea. Some of these destinations include Namhae Island, Seoraksan National Park, and Jeju Island. Visit the beautiful Namhae Island and go hiking up Geumsan to see a beautiful view of the island and sea. Seoraksan National Park allows you to be surrounded by the exceptional beauty of the mountains as you hike different trails. Jeju Island has over 20 Olle walking/hiking trails that allow anyone to take in the breathtaking scenery of the island. You can hike up the tallest mountain in Korea, Mt. Hallasan, and take in the views from up high. 


Geumsan mountain in Namhae Island: Take a bus from Nambu Bus Terminal to Namhae (4 hours 30 minutes).

Seoraksan National Park: Take a bus from Seoul Express bus terminal to Seoraksan National Park (2 hours 30 minutes).

Jeju Island: Fly from Gimpo Airport to Jeju International Airport (55 minutes).

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