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A day with Dakgalbi, Legos and Canoeing in Chuncheon

A day with Dakgalbi, Legos and Canoeing in Chuncheon

On October 5, 2021

 Written by Paula Rivera Gloomy weather days aren’t always the best, but when you decide to go on a Dakgalbi, lego and canoeing trip with people that you’ve never met, it becomes a memorable day.

Amazing Korean Culture & History Trip</br><noscript><img class=

Amazing Korean Culture & History Trip
(Temple stay, handcrafting, traditional stage play, bike riding and much more..)

On September 30, 2021

Written by Samuel Grieszl After getting used to the hectic and fast lifestyle of the Seoul city, a temple stay was the right thing to calm down again and find my inner self. What location

My amazing trip to Ulleungdo island and Dokdo

My amazing trip to Ulleungdo island and Dokdo

On September 29, 2021

Written by Samuel Grieszl During the Chuseok holidays I got the lifetime chance to visit Ulleungdo island and the disputed island Dokdo! Ulleungdo island is not like any other island in Korea. Due to its

Following BTS’ track at the East Coast of Korea

Following BTS’ track at the East Coast of Korea

On July 18, 2021

written by Sarah Müller from Germany Where are all my ARMY friends out there? I did a trip which would be perfect for you! And even if you are not an ARMY (a member of


Weekend Trip to Seoraksan, Lavender Farm, and the East Coast

written by Sarah Muller Seoraksan is probably one of the most popular if not THE most popular National Park of South Korea. Many Koreans come …

Jeongseon, Arari Performance & Double Decker Bus Tour

Written by Sarah Muller from Germany This week I had the chance to go on a bus tour with foreign influencers from all over the …

Quarantine in Korea-Sarah

Quarantine in Korea Written by Sarah Müller These are really crazy times, but I didn’t want to stop planning… and now I’m here in Korea! …

Jeju Island Trip Report

This past week I had the experience of a lifetime in Jeju-do. My roommate and I traveled to the island and stayed from Wednesday to …

Skiing, Ice Fishing fest, ATV and Blue Canyon Water Park

We recently took an exciting trip to the beautiful area of Phoenix Park in Pyeongchang for the Lunar New Year holiday weekend. The bus picked …

Korea Museum Tour

On Tuesday we went on a tour to three popular museums in Seoul that centered around the history of Korea and the history of Hangul. …