Unimaginable bibimbap !? Hansik, Korean local food

Best bibimbap with various seafood and vegetables | Hansik, Korean local food #shorts
-Namhae “Hip Hansik”, a fusion Korean cuisine restaurant run by a young couple born in the 90s.
Both of them graduated from the Department of Hotel Culinary Arts and developed their skills at famous restaurants in Seoul, and then went down to their hometown, Namhae island to open this restaurant.
The main menu here is “Hip Hansik Hot Pot Rice”, which is cooked with abalone intestine, covered with oyster oil, and topped with abalone and seafood from the namhae island, served with leek sauce.
and ‘Seafood pancake’ which is freshly baked with breadcrumbs.
The restaurant’s name ‘Hip Hansik’ is a combination of ‘Hiphada’ (a new word meaning new and strong personality) and ‘Hansik’.
They only receive a limited number of people every day, and meals are not available when the ingredients are exhausted. so you need to make a reservation before visiting the restaurant.
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HIPHANSIK Hot Stone Pot Rice KRW 15.000 / USD 13.7

Google Map:https://goo.gl/maps/SYdXqtzrDejqGJsB6
Naver Map: http://naver.me/FzHm1iN5

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