Learn how to play some traditional Korean drums with some help from the village manager

Top 10 Best Places in Korea – 9.Namhae island

Namhae is the fifth largest island in Korea and is one of the hidden gems of the country. The sea around Namhae consists of 76 islands ranging in different sizes. The entire area provides an outstanding natural environment with splendid landscapes. Visit Boriam Temple situated on the edge of a cliff on Geumsan Mountain and overlooks the ocean. Hike Geumsan Mountain which takes you behind the temple and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding islands and ocean. Hike to Boriam Temple which is built into a mountain and holds Buddhist structures of peace and serenity. See the rice terrace fields in Darengi Village. The terraces have 108 steps that overlook the East China Sea. You can see the entire area from an observation deck. Visit American and German VIllages which provide an interesting look into South Korea’s history. They are full of cafes, beer gardens, unique restaurants, and stunning views. Enjoy swimming on the beach surrounded by white sand and bright turquoise water. Escape to Namhae Island to enjoy the beach, historical temples, and beautiful ocean and island views. 


  • Go sea kayaking where you can see the rocky mountains meet the sea
  • After kayaking to a nearby small island, you can go snorkeling and see all the different sea creatures and plants
  • Have some amazing meals which are included in the price which will all feature the local delicacies of Namhae, including home-cooked meals from the mothers of the guesthouses
  • You can go cliff jumping and diving at great secret spots
  • Go handfishing at the shores of the pebble beach where you can use bait to catch small fish
  • Get to the guest houses in Darangee Village where the owners will cook local delicacies and you can look at the terrace farms and sea
  • Learn about the traditions and culture that have persisted through time of the area from the local citizens, who are more than happy to share with you
  • Make crafts from dried rice stalks such as sandals and basket as well as making a paper doll
  • Rest at the guest house and eat dinner prepared by the guest house owner or go out in town and try food at the many restaurants
  • Play traditional Korean games such as ssireum, sit around the campfire, and play games like a relay race and tug-of-war
  • Make paper lanterns with your wishes on them. We will release the paper lanterns into the night sky to make your wishes come true and get a great view of the star-like lanterns
  • Try some makgeolli made from special local ingredients like citron to give it a unique taste 
  • Drink and sing on a karaoke machine that will be provided
  • Watch the sunrise from the village while smelling the fresh sea air
  • More water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, tanning, and a lot more
  • Go hiking up Geumsan (금산), which is one of the most famous hiking courses because of its breathtaking scenery where you can see all the different islands and the sea
  • At the top of Geumsan you can visit the Boriam temple, one of the 3 most holy sites in Korea
  • Make pajeon at the village center and drink makgeolli
  • Plow the fields the traditional way with a cow and a wooden 
  • Deep sea fishing is available as well
  • Make paper crafts at the village center

What to Expect

Sea kayaking near the beautiful cliffs
Sit and drink around the bonfire while singing with your new friends on the karaoke machine
Snorkeling at a nearby small island to see the different kinds of sea-life
Go cliff diving and jumping into the sea. If you aren’t that adventurous you can also go hand-fishing
Stay at a guest house where the local citizens open up their homes to strangers looking to learn about their culture. Eat delicious food that has traditionally been made in Namhae Island for many years cooked by the guest house owners.
Go hiking up Geumsan where you can get an amazing view of the islands and the sea
Visit Boriam Temple at the top of Geumsan, one of the most Holy sites in Korea
Plow the rice paddies the traditional way with the help of an ox
Help the farmers plant their rice or participate as one of the people cheering them on. Afterwards the farmers usually gather and drink to relax after the hard work
Go deep sea fishing and catch some big fish
Learn how to play some traditional Korean drums with some help from the village manager
Visit the pebble beach where you can do some hand fishing, swimming, and cliff jumping
Eat some delicious food made from the people of the village at the community center
Learn how to make a good luck charm out of dry rice stalks


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